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"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within." - Maya Angelou

While the past few years have been economically difficult for women around the world, beauty is increasingly perceived as ‘non-negotiable’. Looking beautiful is still a deep ‘psychological need’ for women, despite a range of opinions on what constitutes beauty. 

Despite the differences, there has been a global, common evolution in what ‘beauty’ means to women today. That, if we feel healthier, we will look prettier and more confident. And if we feel beautiful and confident, then it will shine within, making us look more physically beautiful.

Clearly, the key to be beautiful is by being healthy. The rules are simple that everyone must follow – to develop good habits. Unfortunately, most of us women or men, are unaware of the impact of our lifestyle and those bad habits on our bodies, our skin and so our lives, eventually. Life is already complicated. Thus, beauty should be insanely easy. So here at LAMEEYS, we provide a range of beauty solutions to help you shine from within, effortlessly. 

With years of experience in the health & beauty industry, everything LAMEEYS creates is naturally sourced and cruelty-free, in line with its Arabic meaning - soft to the touch. Most importantly, it is sold at an affordable price through various shopping channels, creating a unique shopping experience that is completely tailored to you.

Remember, health & beauty solutions are not expensive. Neglect is! 


Natural. Delicate. Halal.  

Certified by JAKIM’s Halal Panel Laboratory – HalVec

Natural & HALAL ingredients may always be perceived as healthy and are of the standard of high-quality goods. So, worry not! Stringent laboratory tests have been conducted to claim that our products are free from any porcine contamination and/or alcohol content by JAKIM’s Halal Panel – HalVec.

We are offering a basket of beauty & health products, to help both women and men out there to stay healthy from the inside out, at no harm.

Each product is thoughtfully and safely made making it a great last-minute solution for a needed healthy glow from within, at any time.
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