Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. Colla-genic with Pomegranate does not use added preservatives or artificial colouring.
A: No. It is not as it is sourced from marine (fish) collagen peptides, a type of protein that considerably
essential component to healthy skin, bones and joints. 
A: Yes, Colla-genic with Pomegranate is certified HALAL by JAKIM. Stringent laboratory test was conducted by HalVec (JAKIM’s Halal Panel) to claim that our products are free from any porcine contamination and/or alcohol content.
A: We are proudly local and homegrown brand from Malaysia. LAMEEYS believes that beauty belongs to every human being, man and woman. The key to stay beautiful is by being healthy from the inside out, at no harm. For that, LAMEEYS creates range of beauty solution that is naturally sourced and cruelty-free, in line with its Arabic meaning - soft to the touch. 
A: Absolutely, YES! The active ingredients are derived from fish collagen that is pure protein with no fat to incorporate its impact. It is also rich in antioxidant properties and high in Vitamin C derived from natural Pomegranates. They are all safe and healthy to our bodies. 
A: As days go by, our skin elasticity will deteriorate, without us noticing. Skin collagen will always be
exposed to:
- Sun UV rays
- Environmental pollution
- Unhealthy lifestyle
- Bad eating habits
- Pressure of exams & study stress
- Workload pressure & stressful life.
Therefore, it is advisable to consume Collagen as early as at our 20s.
A: It is recommended for aged 20 above.
- Stay in an air-conditioned environment for long hours.
- Spend hours in front of the computer.
- Always stay up late for work or study.
- Constantly expose to sun damage.
- Unhealthy lifestyle with poor diet.
- Person of high sugar intake.
- Heavy caffeine drinker.
- Frequent traveler.
A: Collagen is an important element for human skin. This complex protein makes up nearly 80% of the skin and provides structure, elasticity, and protection, while helping to retain moisture from the deepest layers of the skin. As ageing occurs, collagen naturally decreases over time. Sooner or later, the reduction of collagen causes skin to become thinner, drier, and more fragile. Loss of collagen is believed to be the primary cause of fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, rough skin, crow's feet, expression lines, stretch marks, turkey neck that appear naturally on aged skin. Therefore, collagen is the key and the answer to win the ageing game. 
A: Collagen Peptides are produced via hydrolysis process making the collagen molecules smaller and more biologically ready to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream due to its shorter amino acid chains (contain 8 of the 9 essential amino acids and are high in proline, glycine and hydroxyproline). Collagen peptides have a significantly lower molecular weight (<1,000 Daltons), allowing better absorption by the body to enhance skin, hair, nail, joint and bones’ health. 
A: Colla-genic with Pomegranate has made it very clear that it contains of 6000mg Collagen Peptides with added Silk Peptides, due to the hydration benefits it offers using Korean technology for its hydrolysis process – that what makes Colla-genic with Pomegranate so powerful. And with its lower molecule weight (<1000 Daltons), better and high absorption is allowed by the body to enhance skin, hair, nail, joints, bones’ health. Means, fast results await you! 
A: Combination of sweet and sour with a delicate texture contains high antioxidant of Pomegranate flavour. 
A: As can be seen from the nutritional fact, Colla-genic with Pomegranate contains zero fat. 
A: Each box contains 15 sachets. It can last for 15 days, just take one sachet per day. For beginner, we encourage to consume 2 sachets a day for 7 consecutive days for best result. While regular user, they can take 1 sachet a day, before breakfast. 
A: It is best NOT to mix it with any other juice or water to achieve its optimal result and dosage impact as what it is built for.  
A: First, open the sachet by tearing at the edge. Next, consume directly, anytime, anywhere.
- One sachet daily.
- Best to consume in the morning before breakfast.
Please do note that colour, taste and texture may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the property of
natural ingredients used. 
A: Results are visible in 7 DAYS. Make sure adding Colla-genic with Pomegranate to your everyday routine
before breakfast and before bedtime if you are a beginner.
A: Consistency is key.
Unlike magic, Colla-genic with Pomegranate is purely science. It is the answer to your ageless youthful
looking skin.
A: Taking Collagen will help your skin retain its elasticity, repair and also assist in the formation of new skin cells. Taking Colla-genic with Pomegranate is one of the best ways to help skin to recover from postpartum stretch marks. But, we always recommend talking with your licensed healthcare professional first, as nutritional needs can vary for breastfeeding or expecting mommy.  
A: With Collagen Peptides, collagen efficiency will increase. Working together with antioxidant properties and Vitamin C from Pomegranate, the skin will be nourished at a deeper level by the ingredients that your skin ever need. As a result, it will balance out an uneven skin tone and skin texture from the surface. All you need to do is look great to feel great! 
A: Colla-genic with Pomegranate has made it very clear that we use 6000mg Collagen Peptides with added Silk Peptides, due to the hydration benefits it offers. While Korean technology helps to hydrolyze it into small molecules for better absorption. That what makes our product so powerful as it will revitalize skin cells & reduce the appearance of ageing wrinkles, fine lines, expression lines, even dark spot and hyperpigmentation by infusing anti-ageing key ingredients into the skin deepest layer 
A: Colla-genic with Pomegranate is made 100% from marine Collagen Peptide (fish collagen). It is rich in Vitamin C, contains high antioxidant properties derived from natural Pomegranates to prevent skin oxidative damage. The formula is enhanced with Silk Peptides to preserve skin moisture. All in all, the product is thoughtfully created with no artificial colouring or preservatives being used. Nonetheless, we would always suggest talking to your professional licensed healthcare for best advice before use it. 
A: Colla-genic with Pomegranate is best consumed after wake up right before breakfast. That is the best time for your empty stomach and body to absorb all the nutrients. Therefore, try to avoid coffee right after Collagen. You may enjoy your coffee an hour later.  
A: The perfect time is NOW. Start using it consistently and you may say goodbye to:
- Dry & dull skin problems
- Acne scars, pigmentation, freckles & uneven skin tone
- Fine lines, wrinkles & ageing signs
- Pregnancy stretchmarks
- Hair loss & thin hair
- Brittle nail
Dry & dull skin problems
 Acne scars, pigmentation, freckles & uneven skin tone
 Fine lines, wrinkles & ageing signs
 Pregnancy stretchmarks
 Hair loss & thin hair
 Brittle nail.
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